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the FOODologist magazine

Content editor Simon Scutt  – 02392 469 459

The FOODologist (London) Editorial Offices
Studio C
41 Edith Grove
SW10 0LB
0871 3159 277

For all advertising and subscription enquiries contact Duncan Williams

Duncan Williams is an established force within British independent publishing. A former employee of Irish tycoon Sir Tony O’Reilly’s newspaper empire, Duncan went on to form his own publishing group, specialising in quality regional magazines titles. With effective advertising and sponsorship, The FOODologist is already a key player in the competitive world of  fine wine and dining magazines.

4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Fiona Heaton says:

    Thank you for sending me a copy of your wonderful magazine, it is just the best. Great photos, features and even smells good! More please, boys!

  2. James R. Vannick says:

    Well done for supporting British food and fine dining. We serve damned good menus in many restaurants in this country of ours, and your magazine is doing us all a service by pointing this out. Despite popular propaganda, we are not a nation of fish and chip scoffers, nor egg n spam lovers. British food is amongst the best in Europe. Fact! So thank you Foodologist!

  3. Yvette Westervelt says:

    In keeping with not only a thoughtful celebration of food but a true celebration, vegan choices should not be overlooked. Food at its rawest form is the beginning of all fare and a dedication to raw vegan and vegan choices would make your celebration complete. I hope you are able to realize this.

    With kindest of wishes for success,
    Yvette Westervelt

  4. nice information.. this is helpful for readers and thanks for share this.

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